At Ivy Excel Tutors, we only hire the best–those who are passionate about teaching and enthusiastically focused on students’ success. Our tutors have years of teaching and tutoring experience and hold degrees from the nation’s top universities. In addition to their abundance of qualifications, they are positive, motivating, and have an infectious love of learning which spurs students’ success. They love to see their students become more self-reliant, confident, and excited about learning.

Ivy Excel Tutors was founded by Ivy League-educated teachers. After amassing  many years of experience at the nation’s top tutoring companies, where they worked with elementary students to those at the university level, they started Ivy Excel Tutors to make a lasting difference in students’ lives. They believe standardized tests are not a measure of intelligence or aptitude, as some claim, but instead require a grasp of the content, strategies, and tactics that will foil the test makers.