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Our expert tutors have years of experience teaching these tests. Having scored in the top percentile on multiple standardized tests, they know the ins and outs of each one and the best strategies to attack questions.

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Most accredited four-year colleges require the SAT for admittance. PSAT scores are used to predict SAT performance and award National Merit Scholarships. The College Board is redesigning the SAT (launching in March, 2016) and the PSAT (launching in October, 2015). Check out our blog for insights into the new exams and contact us so we may help you prepare for them.  View the SAT website here and the PSAT website here.

Length: SAT – 3 hours, 45 minutes; PSAT – 2 hours, 45 minutes

Sections: SAT – Math, Critical Reading, Writing, Essay; PSAT – Math, Reading, Writing & Language


The ACT is another standardized college admissions test utilized by most four-year universities. The ACT has recently revised the Essay portion of its exam and will continue to make gradual changes to the test. Call us for insights about which test (SAT or ACT) is better for your child. View the ACT website here.

Length: 3 hours, 25 minutes

Sections: English, Math, Reading, Science, Essay


The ISEE is an exam used in the admissions process of many  independent, private, or magnet schools  for students in grades 2-12. There are separate exams to account for differing grade levels: the Primary (to enter grades 2-4), Lower (to enter grades 5-6), Middle (to enter grades 7-8), and Upper Level (to enter grades 9-12) tests. View the ISEE website here.

Length: 1 hour (Primary); 2 hours, 20 min (Lower); or  2 hours, 40 min (Middle &  Upper)

Sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Achievement, Essay


The SSAT is an exam used in the admissions process of many independent schools, including boarding schools, for students in grades 3-11. There are separate exams to account for differing grade levels: the Elementary (to enter grades 4-5), Middle (to enter grades 6-8), and Upper Level (to enter grades 9-12) tests. View the SSAT website here.

Length: 2 hours, 5 minutes (Elementary); or 3 hours, 5 min (Middle and Upper)

Sections: Verbal, Quantitative, Reading Comprehension, Essay


The HSPT is given to eighth-grade students seeking admission to specific private high schools. View the HSPT website here.

Length: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Sections: Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading, Mathematics, Language

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are content based exams that allow students to demonstrate expertise in a given academic subject.  Some colleges require or recommend that students take one or more Subject Tests. Currently, there are 20 SAT Subject Tests in five general subject areas. View the SAT Subject Test website here.

Length: 1 hour

AP Exams

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are taken in May by high school students enrolled in AP courses at their schools. Taking AP level classes helps students stand out to college admissions officers, prepares them for college courses, and may allow them to place out of introductory-level courses in college. View the AP Exam website here.